Cruisaholics Sea Voyages
The Score Family
Rebate Offer

Convince a friend* to cruise with the group and, if they sail, you earn $ 25.00 per cabin!
idea…sky’s the limit!  (So get a dozen…or two.)  
your rebate.  Rebates will be presented to you on vacation.  Keep in mind, you only receive
rebates for cabins you invite and who sail on the
featured sailing, and they (the persons you
convince to go) need to be persons who have
never sailed with Cruisaholics Sea Voyages
before. (Previous sailors will receive an invitation from us about the cruise.)  Remember,
you only receive a rebate for cabins that sail, if a cabin cancels it voids the rebate on that
Only 1 person can receive a rebate for each cabin, so any disputes of who
invited whom must be settled amongst yourselves.**
* Please don't invite just anyone, the crazy homeless man down the street and the
disgusting workmate you can't stand will
not keep the group fun, easy-going and displaying
Christian manners.
** We know many of you have the same friends and some of you are going to invite the
same people on the vacation. However, only 1 person receives the rebate. The form below
must be filled out by the i
nvited person. The invited person should type the name of the
person who convinced him/her to go on the vacation.  Please no cat fights over the $25.00!  
It's a small thank you gift from us and we would hate to have to discontinue it, but will, if
people are getting their feelings hurt over the offer.
Cruise Referral Rebate Program Official Rules and Regulations