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Vacation Packages 101
Q: Why take a vacation package?

A: Because it’s fun, relaxing, exciting! It is also simple and stress free. We take the anxiety and hassle out of
planning a vacation and leave you to have all the fun and excitement. Because traveling with a group of friends
is the best. You get to be seated with the friends for dinner and meals on tour, the tours are just for our group
so when you are on the bus, etc. Its just our group, no strangers.

Our All Inclusive Package benefits are:

Financial benefits:
One of the biggest benefits is helping you stay on your vacation budget. For many
travelers the uncertainty of how much a vacation will truly cost leaves them apprehensive about traveling. What
we’ve heard about
other vacation experiences:  “The vacation seemed like a deal, however we spent so much
more then we planned on food and tours that it will be a while before we travel again.” Travelers who choose to
travel with us do not need to worry about spending more then they have budgeted for their vacation.  You know
what your vacation costs upfront. We have different packages for different tastes and/or different budgets.
Inclusive travel cannot be beat for convenience, options, and ease.

Variety: We plan a wide range of experiences, a little something for everyone! Love history? Want to sun on a
beautiful beach? Are you seeking adventure? Do you like to dine on native cuisine? Are you an animal lover?
Do you like surprises? We plan a little something for everyone, and you may just find that the beach comber in
you is suddenly interested in the history of the Mayan after climbing to the top of a Mayan ruin or the history
buff is surprised how beautiful the view is of the rain forest as he zip-lines from tree to tree. Yes, you may think
you are just a food critic but after vacationing with us you may discover you’re a world traveler at heart.

What’s Really Included? That depends on the package you choose, however all packages include: Your
cruise, airfare, hotel, cruise tips, travel insurance, most meals, transportation, all cruise, air, hotel taxes and
fees. What this means is that even with our Tourist Package
all your major travel expense are already paid for
before you leave on vacation. It means when your plane lands you don’t have to hail a taxi and open your
wallet. You simple get on the bus and enjoy the ride. It means while you are enjoying your fine cuisine you will
not be interrupted with a check and perhaps a surprise of how much that really cost in Euros.
The World Explorer Package is the easiest package for determining the cost of your vacation as it includes
your major travel expenses (mentioned above) plus
all your meals, all your tours. Basically everything.
We realize some people may want a day on their own, or perhaps they want to shop and stroll through town
instead of seeing the sights. They can do this by booking a package with
not all tours included i.e. The Tourist
Package includes minimal to sometimes NO tours, so
all ports would be your own responsibility to plan a tour,
or to stroll around town. This can make this package a little hard to plan your budget as you may decide before
the trip to just stroll around town, however when you arrive and the island looks so interesting and beautiful you
may find yourself finagling with a local vendor for a tour, wishing you were now touring with the group and
spending more then you had planned, with the stress of bargaining with the local vendors.
To help you decide which package is best for you here is a breakdown of what is included and what is not.

Included in ALL packages: Cruise, airfare, hotel, cruise tips, all cruise, air and hotel taxes and fees, most
meals, transportation, limited travel insurance, ship board: entertainment, shows, activities, gym, pools, hot
tubs, snacks (when on board ship there are meals and snacks available anytime), rock wall, miniature golf,
water slide, jogging track, music, dancing, etc.. (depending on the ship, check
ship details for current cruise.)

NOT included in ALL packages: Tips for the hotel maid, bus drivers, tour guides. (Tips for the ship
waiter, assist. waiter, cabin steward and head waiter are INCLUDED in your vacation package).
Cost of
souvenirs. Ship board costs
i.e. Soda, alcoholic drinks, speciality restaurants, spa treatments, arcade. ( If
you book early you receive a $ 50.00 per cabin ship board credit that goes towards any ship board purchase.)
In other words you could use the $ 50.00 towards sodas and it would be like they were “included.”
Any meals
you purchase at the airport
.  Any baggage fees at the airport. Please consider these costs when
budgeting your vacation.

Note: For tip recommendations see our FAQ page or below.

Tipping Notes: Tipping is a very personal choice, however we do know that many of you would appreciate
guidelines. Below are the average recommendations.
Bus drivers: $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 per person. Did he assist with luggage? Did he go out of his way to help in other
ways? Then leave extra if you want.
1/2 Day Tour Guides: $ 3.00 to $ 4.00 per person.  Did he work extra hard? Was he very knowledgeable
about the tour? Extra entertaining? Then leave extra if you want.
Full Day Tour Guides: $ 4.00 to $ 5.00 per person. Did he work extra hard? Was he very knowledgeable
about the tour? Extra entertaining? Then leave extra if you want.
Hotel Maids: $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 per night. If there's extra persons in the room, then a little more. Did she work
extra hard? Bring you extra items i.e. Towels, soaps, etc.? Then leave extra if you want.
Bellman / Porters: $ 1.00 to $ 2.00 per bag. Are the bags extra heavy? Did they work extra hard? Then leave
extra if you want.

Tourist Package INCLUDES: A minimal to sometimes NO tours; all port activities / sightseeing is your
responsibility to purchase, plan, and return to the ship on time.  Of course you may return to the ship and eat
lunch for free on board, but you may find that your on the other side of the island and don’t have the time to
head to the ship for free lunch. Factor these costs in when budgeting your vacation.

Voyager Package INCLUDES: A few tours in select ports. Any ports without tours are your responsibility and
at your own expense. Of course you may return to the ship and eat lunch for free on board, but you may find
that your on the other side of the island and don’t have the time to head to the ship for free lunch. Factor these
costs in when budgeting your vacation.
Adventure Package INCLUDES: Many tours in select ports, but not all. Any ports without tours are your
responsibility and at your own expense. Of course you may return to the ship and eat lunch for free on board,
but you may find that your on the other side of the island and don’t have the time to head to the ship for free
lunch. Factor these costs in when budgeting your vacation.

World Explorer Package INCLUDES all meals, and all tours. Your only extra expenses would be those
mentioned above in “NOT included in ALL packages.” Factor those costs in when budgeting your vacation.


Q: We tried Club Med’s all inclusive package before and didn’t like it, are your all-inclusive
packages different?
A: Yes, our all-inclusive packages are different. While both types of packages (ours and Club Med) are all-
inclusive and include many of the same things i.e. Food, entertainment, shows, etc. Our tours are different in
that you are NOT at  a one-location resort. Many people don’t like all-inclusive resorts because there isn’t
much of a need or opportunity to leave the resort and interact with the locals and their culture, to taste the local
cuisine. Our all-inclusive packages are all about
exploring the ports that you have traveled to. To see, taste,
smell, experience the places you visit. We feel that’s the primary reason to travel and so we make sure you
have the opportunity to really experiences these places as well. You can’t feel like a world traveler if you only
seen Club Med’s tennis courts.
Q: Are your all-inclusive packages good for families?
A: Yes, in fact we always travel with our own children. All the tours are something everyone, young or old will
enjoy. Traveling can give a family great memories and experiences that can bond a family closer together.
There is also plenty of opportunities for mom and dad to go wine tasting together while the kids are rock
Q: We’re honeymooners and/or not "group” people, would we like vacationing with you?
A: Yes, our tours have tons of romance! Hold hands walking through a half lit cave, find a hidden waterfall in
the jungle, feel the awe of seeing Mayan ruins covered in morning mist. Jump in your mates arms as you walk
through a herd of iguanas. Take a romantic sunset stroll on deck with the ocean and islands are your
backdrop. The romance is unlimited! Remember, if you went alone on the cruise you would still be seated with
others at dinner (strangers), and be on a tour bus with others (strangers). Being with the group actually adds a
comfort and joy that you won’t find alone or with strangers. In fact there’s more laughs and smiles with the
group of friends. Don’t worry there is plenty of opportunities to have alone time. Go to a speciality restaurant
for dinner a night or two on the vacation and it’ll just be the two of you for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are not
scheduled with the group (unless on tour) so go have a breakfast or lunch for two. Sit in the hot tub, the pool,
at the show together, just the two of you. Your not required to do everything with the group. However, you may
just find yourselves looking for the group, because hanging out with the friends gets addicting.
Q: I'm a single person and I don't know anyone in the group, will I be alone most of the time? I really
don't want to be alone on vacation? Are there other single people or just couples and families?
A: NO, you will not feel alone, and you will feel like everyone's been your friend for years after just a few
moments. We recommend that a single person who doesn't know anyone in the group book the World Explorer
Package. The World Explorer Package INCLUDES all tours, so you will be with the group while exploring the
islands. If you chose a package other then World Explorer then you would be on your own in the islands. You
will tour with the group, eat dinner with the group, eat lunch together when on tour, ride the buses together and
fly together*. Also, we give everyone a phone list, so you can contact others in the group by calling their cabin.
If you find yourself alone, just look at the daily cruise schedule and head to the next event, someone in the
group will be there and you can join them. Every group vacation has singles, it's never been just couples or
families and everyone, single or not, have a great time together. More then likely you will meet some new
friends for life. Many of the friends we only see on vacation as they live in another state and it's great fun
getting to meet up again for a week of good times.
*Depending on your airport location.