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Tourist Package
All cost of the vacation is refundable until list dates of when cancellation penalties take effect. It is your responisiblity to know all cancellation
dates and penalties. On FINAL PAYMENT the whole vacation package becomes
non-refundable .However, if you cancel after this date for
reasons covered by insurance then you can receive a refund according to the insurance policy.
Payments:  Please note if you pay by credit card some of your charges will show from Royal Caribbean, and some of your charges will show
Cruisaholics Sea Voyages.  We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover. However we ony accept limited payments from  
American Express. (
Contact us for details.)
It is your responsibility to understand that the cruise line, airline, bus companies, and /or tour companies may add on a fuel supplement
charge at anytime. The airlines have checked baggage fees and overweight / over sized bag fees that are not included in the fare.
Terms: Please note that prices are subject to availability, subject to change. It is your responsibility to make payments on time, to give all
needed information, and to show up on time for flights, tours, buses, cruise.  Eddie and Christine Score, Cruisaholics Sea Voyages, is not
responsible for any cancellations due to late payments, no shows, any missed portion / or all of your vacation due to late arrivals. I
understand that I will incur cancellation fees if I cancel this vacation. I understand that the cruise line, airline, bus company, tour company
may add on a fuel supplement at anytime.  I have read all terms & conditions regarding this vacation, and I agree to be bound by them.  I
understand that Limited Travel Insurance is included in my vacation package.  I will NOT hold Eddie and Christine Score responsible for any
loss luggage, medical needs, bad vendors, group behavior, missed flights, buses, ship, tours, weather conditions, government unrest and
any and all situations beyond their control. I understand I am purchasing group pricing which can be changed if minimum numbers are not
met.  This vacation's itinerary, dining, schedule, bus routes, airfare, cruise may be changed or cancelled at anytime. I understand it is my
responsibility to enjoy this vacation. I understand I am responsible for the actions of myself and my family. It's my responsibility to provide
Eddie and Christine Score with all required information and bring proper documentation as required. Eddie, Christine and Cruisaholics Sea
Voyages is not responsible for cancelled flights or boarding due to wrong legal name, citizenship, documentation and / or cancellations of
any kind by you or any vendors. It is your responsibility to know all requirements for documentation that may be needed  and to provide us
with all proper information and paperwork. It is your responsibility to know all cancellation policies terms and travel insurance terms. Even
though Eddie, Christine and Cruisaholics Sea Voyages may help you fill out any travel insurance claim forms as a courtesy to you it is not
their responsibility and all responsibility to make sure claim forms are filled out, turned in to travel insurance company is your responsibility.
FAQ: Where can I find
answers to my
questions about your
all-inclusive vacation
A: Visit our Vacation
Packages 101 page to
answer all your
questions. We want you
to be thoroughly
informed so you can
decide which package
is best for you. For
answers to other FAQ
questions visit
Please note all prices are based on group fares, if any tours, airfare, etc. fall below min. amount of passengers then prices may change. If the
tour is full you may be placed on a waist list for the tour or other arrangements will be made. Tours you do not purchase will be considered "a
day on your own". You are responsible for any tours, transportation, meals, etc.
The airfare is subject to change and could effect your package price. All airfare is non refundable at time of purchase for all air travel departing
from a different distantion then with the Score Family. Airfare with same distantion as the Score Family is refundable until the dates stated.
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Pacific Coastal Vacation
Sept. 28 - Oct. 06, 2017
1-night hotel stay in Seattle, WA
(Incl.dinner & breakfast) More Info.
Round-trip Airfare More Info.
Round-trip Transportation
(Between hotel, airports, and ship)
Travel Insurance More Info.
Cruise Tips
(Waiter, Assist. Waiter, Head Waiter, Cabin Stewart)
All breakfasts More Info.
Most Lunches More Info.
All dinners More Info.
7-night cruise aboard RCI's Explorer of the Seas More Info.
Tour  More Info.
INSIDE CABIN $ 1643.00 per person                
WINDOW CABIN $ 1746.00 per person
BALCONY CABIN $ 2056.00 per person
3RD & 4TH PASSENGER $ 1410.00 per person
FAQ: Where can I find
help in figuring out
how much cash to
bring, etc.?
A: Visit our Cruise
Budget page, print it
and fill it out.
For answers to other
FAQ questions visit
Please confirm pricing at time of booking as prices are subject to change and/or availability. $ 100.00 per person of 1st deposit is
and due by April 03, 2017. This vacation package becomes NON-refundable if it is NOT cancelled by June 28, 2017.

For U.S. Citizens:

1. A valid passport book/card
2. A valid government issued photo I.D.
1. A certified copy of your birth certificate
issued from Vital Records
2. A valid government issued photo I.D.

For NON U.S. Citizens:

Please contact us for required