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Airfare Info.

Included in ALL Packages:

Airfare from most major US cities is INCLUDED, however a few airport cities may have a additional fee or
(your credit will be deducted from your bill to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages). Please contact us with any questions, or just
fill in your airport on the
booking form.   

FAQ: Can I book my own airfare?

A: Yes, you may book your own airfare, HOWEVER we do recommend letting us book your flights as we will
make sure to have your plane take off / land at the best times to match up with buses, hotel check in, scheduled
group meals, tours, etc. If you choose to book your own airfare you may miss the bus, meal, tour, etc. and we
CANNOT refund you for any missed portions of your vacation. You may also incur extra expenses i.e. taxi rides
(if you miss the included bus), un-scheduled meals (if you miss the included one), etc. Why add stress to your
vacation? We will by happy to handle all your travel arrangements so you can enjoy your vacation.

FAQ: My departure city is NOT the same as the Score family's, what do I do?
A: Put in your nearest airport(s) on the Booking Form and we will contact you with your flight information.

If you are flying with the Score Family:

Sept. 28, 2017: Depart from LAX to SEA on Alaska Airlines.

Oct. 06, 2017: Depart from SEA to LAX on Alaska Airlines.

General bag info:

Bag Info: Each passenger gets 1 free carry-on

The maximum dimensions for your carry-on bag are:
Length - 24" (61cm) including wheels and handles
Height - 17" (43cm)
Width - 10" (25cm) ,

and 1 free personal item (i.e. purse / back pack. Must be able to fit under seat.),

1st checked bag (per person) $ 25.00
2nd checked bag (per person) $ 25.00
3rd + checked bags (per person) $ 75.00 each
Over sized bag (per person) $ 75.00 (63 to 115" linear inches)
Overweight bag (per person) $ 75.00 (51 to 100 lbs)

Fees apply for each way of your trip & are to be paid at airport check-in.

Please measure & weight your bags before heading to the airport!

EXAMPLE: A family of 4 persons, packs 2 checked bags & 3 or 4 carry-on bags. They will be charged: $ 50.00 ( 2
checked @ $ 25.00 & free carry-ons.)

Note:  Everyone is allowed 1 carry-on bag () and 1 personal item (such as a purse) for free.